Wednesday, 24 July 2013

That time I took 250 photos and every one of them was total shit

I'm in a Debbie Downer mood today. I thought I'd shake it off with a bit of free spirited photo action, like the good old days.

It not like I was expecting genius or anything. But taking photos usually make me feel really great. Like really great.
Maybe it was because the wind crept down my neck in the absence of a scarf, or maybe the sense of impending doom from the inevitable earthquake and resulting tsunami. Or maybe I'm just a grumpy maggot and need to pull my head in?

I met my old friend fear again, and I let him hold me back. I saw so many cool portrait subjects while I was walking, with the wind in their hair. If only I had an iota of courage and had asked them if I could photograph them. What would be the harm?

God this blog has gotten wingey.

I feel like murdering a pizza.

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