Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Jan photo project

I saw this.

Since I don't do instagram, I'm bad with stickability, and I'm a bit of a douchebag, I though I would just wipe everyone else out of the water with my efficiency and do the whole lot today.

I got up to day 16 - Morning (having skipped days 10, 12, 13, 14 and 15), and realised actually this could be something I should pay more attention to doing properly.

SO here are days 1-11 (excluding day 10... I'll get back to you 'childhood'). I will work through the rest during January, probably not on a daily basis, nor in order, but with... some form of regularity. uh. yeah.

(sorry the photo/caption spacing got all weird)

Day one: Me 

Day two: breakfast 

Day three: something I adore (bet you're surprised to see charlie there, not)
Day four: letterbox (from the inside, because I'm an arty wanker)

Day five: something I wore (and subsequently stole from the hostess in a drunken stupor)

Day six: makes you smile (dorkiest money box ever)
Day seven: favourite (photo I've taken)

Day 8: my sky (see day 4)

Day 9: daily routine (argh its like first year photography all over again)

Day 10: where I sleep (my love of crumpled beds a lasting legacy from my massey education, sigh)

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