Friday, 13 January 2012


I try really hard to photograph Steve. He is the cutest cat. He has this really sweet meow when he wants attention - like a little bird. He loves biscuits. He's named after Cat Stevens. Geddit? (yeah I know he goes by Yusaf now, haha, havn't heard that before). He curls up on my lap every time I sit down. He is extrememly athletic and can climb the height of a house level on a vertical post. He has killed many small creatures, but its not his fault, he seeks approval, we shouldn't have praised him so much for 'catching' dead leaves and filling the hall with his haul when he was a kitten. He gets car sick too. Like really bad. Poor little bugger.
Despite my efforts.
He always ends up looking sketched out in photos.

I always thought photogenics was a human condition, but turns out cats can be cute in real life and manic in photos too.
Like mother, like cat-son.

Don't worry Steebie, yo momma loves you.

(the least sketched out looking photo I have caught of Steve recently)

The most crazy photo I have ever taken (of Steve)


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