Thursday, 17 November 2011

cat in kids clothing

Today I am inspired by Peta Mazey .and well. I've always had a thing for pets wearing clothes.

One of the tasks set out by Rachel Devine's ebook  (which is highly worth reading by the way, if you like to photograph children...) is to pop to the op shop, pick out some little clothes and fashion a shoot around them. As I currently lack offspring, I substituted 'kids' for 'cats' and ba-zing!

Luckily my furbabies were all doped out from the sunshine so were remarkably easy to dress and prod into 'poses', although keeping their eyes open was a challenge.

ah anyone who cares - D90, 50mm 1.4 at f2 (mostly), ISO 600ish, apperture priority, mostly edited with Rachel Devine actions and other tweaks.

These last two snaps of Steve are so HIM - anyone he meets comments on his super long super fluffy tail (even the vet thought it was funny and she sees funny looking cats ALL THE TIME), and his psycho mid-meow face is the one he puts on to tell me he's dying of starvation, usually followed by some melancholic cupboard door pawing.

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