Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Owl Pillow


It is 7.30 and I am on the computer. Slap on the hand, move along.

After my super productive day yesterday I was too hyped up to sleep, which made me too tired to stay at work today (oh well). I came home early with the intention of catching a kip but ended up at spotlight instead planning all types of new hobbies.

Ever since then I've been doing this:

Hobbies! Materials! Charlie backdrop!

I made an owly pattern all by myself even though I'm a bad drawer!  (the holding pencil kind, not the put stuff in kind)

All snipped out - a preview of whats to come! whoo!

Found to left over lace from another project that didnt quite reach its end and added it to my owl wings for a little bit of je ne sais quoi

Stitching it all together - got 12 rolls of this green thread for $3 - bargain!

Making it up as I go along, cos thats how I roll

Current state of project... getting there getting there... slight facial displacure to be corrected in next steps

I've got an adorable plan for the edges ooo i can't wait, woo woo (owl sounds)!

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