Monday, 14 November 2011

Super wife

Today I made a deal with myself. No computer until 8.30pm. I'm sick to the tits of coming home everyday, settling down in my desk chair, and obsessively hitting refresh on facebook and email waiting for something to happen until bedtime. What a way to waste a life! So no more.

The first day of this personal challenge was a roaring success, if I do say so myself.

I planted (read: scattered haphazardly) wildflower seeds in hopes of emphasising the wild and unkepmt vibe our back garden has got going on,

I brushed two cats (thoroughly),
I invented and cooked and amazing dinner (this is very rare... I call it 'peas in the tropics' a coconut and pineappley rice concoction mmm),

I washed and dried the towels,
I cleaned the bathroom sink,
I folded the sheets,
I put away the washing,

I crafted a rather adorable christmas decoration,
I designed and made the pattern for a little girl's dress (tomorrow's task?),
I attempted recreate a beautiful photo x2,

Original images (left, of course) by Christine Gill , useless attempts at getting the same mood/look/colour/awesomeness on the right by ME (although, to be fair, success may have been more likely had I allowed self access to computer to look at original for pose/expression reference). Edited with actions from Rachel Devine and other tweaks.

To create my pithy attempts I draped a white towel over the clothes horse, set up my camera on tripod with remote shutter on the other side of the room (between me and the windows) and sat on the floor with my light disc (reflector) on my lap. - quite impressed with the 'studio' look with such a rangi set up. 1/2500 f1.4 ISO 200

Steve 'helped' to hold the light disc...

 AND I...
I photographed a cat fight x2

I learnt to play 'white christmas' on ukulele (*'play' might be rather generous),
I planned my vegie patch,
I wandered around the house wondering what to do...

6.30pm. (I got home from work at 4pm). Argh.

This whole getting more out of life doesn't take very long...

In other news, the pot plant on the desk at work has bloomed at last (despite some concerning neglect from assigned babysitters during the USA trip).

 I found an album full of funny old firefighter graduation photos:

and Charlie expressed my current mood with a single expression: (moderately manic zest for life)

I made this photo too cos Sesame Ellis told me to crop in squares and I thought, HECK YEAH FOR THE SQUARE

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