Thursday, 22 December 2011

John's New York (he is awesome at shooting from the hip)

 My John sees in 3d. He is blessed with a mind that can visualise spaces. He can not 'see' photos in the same way that I can. But when he stops trying to 'see' and just presses the button, DAY-UM he is awesome. New York is the ultimate place to unleash your inner street photographer, everyone if within a foot of you (usually less) and no one even notices you are there. God I miss it. If you haven't been: go. Once you've been there you'll understand what all the hype is about. Anyway John put on the Diana lens (that he got me for christmas last year... DAY-UM! this guy is good) bumped the ISO up to a million (which I am too scared to do) and just pressed the button when he saw something beautiful. He took HUNDREDS of photos. This is a small selection of my favourites.

 Yes that dog IS wearing shoes.
 Yes, thats dog does have dreads. Its NEW YORK if your dog isn't more stylish than you, you might as well be dead.
 Up close and personal with my favourite squirrel from the whole trip (with the exception of my DC chip stealer, although he was a little scary, in a leg climbing kind of way)
 How cute is this! I made him take this one. =)

 This (in retrospect) reminds me of Rachel Devine's alley big time.

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